10 cool keys to success


In simplest words success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. However in Todays education scenario Success is What Percentage you received.

Marks should not matter as much as they unfortunately do. The problem happens as we do not have any real strategy on how to study for an examination and study as most other students do during their revision time like devoting most of the revision time on subjects and topics that were difficult, paying little attention to those subjects and topics we are good at. The only guidance we have from others is work hard and focus on your weaknesses.

To get into a university of your choice, you have to do well in A Levels, and, not only would others judge you by how you do in these examinations, but your own estimation of your capability and self-confidence may somewhat depend upon it.

It is not the differences in our intelligence that determine our success but rather the differences in the level of our honest diligence combined with our strategy, the magic potion that makes studying sensible, smart work, not just hard work.

Even with a lot of hard work, success is not possible if you continue to do things the way you have always done before. It has obviously not produced the results you have wanted. Despite your hard work, you wonder why you are not doing much better that you are clearly capable of. You feel discouraged.

If life is a journey, you are at the starting point at any point in time. Today can be the beginning of a new future. You are the master of your own new destiny.

Most successful people are ordinary people who thought the impossible possible. The word impossible exists only in the dictionary of fools. You must tell yourself–“I'm possible!”

When you have an in-built desire to excel, no one can stop you and no one on earth can motivate you more than you yourself. The praise of others does not propel you forward. Neither does their lack of faith in you deter you from doing more. You are your own gauge, the mastermind of your own future. You are motivated to do your best.

Your Strategy is your smart work. There are no quick fixes in life or in exams and no short cuts to hard work. If you have the determination and if you choose to work both smart and hard, you deserve to do well.


Attitude is a little thing that makes a massive difference. Now is your chance to wake up to the short time left before the exams. Positive attitude has it that you see this as an incredible opportunity before you. After the examinations, you should be able to tell yourself and honestly so, that you did your very best before the examination and could have done no better. That you left no stone unturned.

“If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." W Somerset Maughan In other words, the formula for exam success is:

Determination+ Smart Work+ Hard Work= SUCCESS!

A Few Important Considerations

Do not worry about what others are doing or how they are doing.

Aim only to compete with yourself and do your absolute best. Put in your level best efforts and work now to surprise yourself and others.

Remember that the Board years are critical. Every other consideration, parties, events, birthdays, weddings and other must-do's can really wait.

Your exam results matter the most.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napolean Hill

“At the beginning of every endeavour, one must look to the end of it.” Determine what is it that you want and how can you get there.

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