Beyond 'Compete with others' to 'Compete with yourself!

Ever wondered Why does the grass always looks greener on the other side of the hedge. The key to strengthing yourself lies in competing only with yourself and not getting affected by others performance. High performers focus more intently on bettering their own previous efforts than on beating competition. If you must compete, compete with your own potential. Trying your best and not succeeding is not failure. The real failure is in not even trying or trying but not giving it your best shot.

Assessment and feedback that forms, not just informs

Global's Compete with Yourself Assessments (CWYA) focus on improved learning, inspiration and empowerment of every child

Assessments provide on-going self-diagnosis and information that helps every child compete with himself / herself

Personal targets and development plans six times a year in every subject help every child progress more

Class reports and teacher strategies ensure more effective teaching

Management reports help take corrective action at the macro level

Global Classroom Advantage

  • Taking assessments is a joyful process
  • Information gathered is used to target improvement of every child and class
  • CWY A provides reports make children and parents better informed partners
  • Self-analysis leads children to plan better and study smarter, to set personal goals and manage time more effectively
  • CWY A Class Reports help teachers pin point exact areas of need and to teach more effectively
  • Provides direction for everyone's efforts including school management

PERBOOKS not just Textbooks but PERFE CTION BOOKS

Perbooks are a perfect way to address the remedial and enrichment needs of all children whether at the top or bottom of a class in a subject. Given as personalised homework, Perbooks reduce teacher workload at the same time as make learning more targeted to individual needs. Instead of being told your child is weak, they the parents have the Perbooks to help their child improve in areas of weakness, or go beyond class level in topics they are good in.

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