Global Classroom Presents CLASSROOM DEMO

As part of India's Largest Education, Synergy Workshops have been conducted in 200+ cities and Nationwide Training Initiative has been taken.

"Education needs a paradigm shift, not mere tinkering changes at its margins." - Dr Sunita Gandhi

Ask for a classroom demo for your school and witness how new trends and innovations in education include evidence-based learning that leads to greater joyfulness and more effective learning by all children in every class.

What is a Classroom Demo ?

Global Classroom's Process of Perfection (POP) is for every child and class. Have a demo in your school where your teachers will learn valuable skills they can continue to use afterwards, skills that help maximize every child's learning.

Last two years, 165 Synergy Workshops were conducted in 96 cities across India. This year, Synergy Workshops - Round 3 will be in 125+ cities across the nation.

Global Classroom has trainers and representatives nationwide.

SYNERGY WORKSHOPS for your teachers are inspiring and empowering. Ask for one in your school or city by calling us or posting your requirements on:

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