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Personal Diagnostic Reports
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TargetPLUS is designed for students taking exams, especially those taking the Board and entrance examinations. A student taking an exam is under much stress which could be avoided with better planning and study tools. They save time and they help students gain more marks. They improve student confidence and reduce stress.

Most exam preparation centres and online tutorials use randomly generated practice sessions of questions selected from a pool of questions. A lot of student time is wasted in answering questions they already know well. And those they don't know well, they simply get a wrong. Some online tools provide answers and step wise solutions. But none of these alternatives are designed to be learning and preparation tools that help a student learn and prepare better. Neither do give diagnosis and matching study strategies, personal targets, smart plans, tips and study notes that help a student improve. Besides, none of them guarantee progress.

TargetPLUS uses diagnosis as a way to understand the starting point of students. It takes advantage of this information to supply them with personalised strategies, targets and plans as well as tips and study notes that match their personal diagnosis. TargetPLUS uses a series of diagnostic mock sessions to help individual students prepare better. Students improve with each new mock and this is reflected in each new diagnostic report. It is the most effective way to improve a student's performance and help them gain every possible mark in the shortest possible time.

A remedial and enrichment program that leads to success of every child in every class

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